Saturday, June 20, 2009

My, How Time Flies!

I often think about wanting to post an update and then life keeps happening! Well, here are a few things to catch you up to speed... I've posted a new series of Touch Drawings on my NowHereHealing blog. It is a series of Dancing Women I am pretty excited about! I will mount and frame them in the near future, but for now I posted them "raw". I'm also going to post an update on NewlyNomads after I get done here - so many things happening in Montana and in our lives....

For our ten year anniversary (how did THAT happen!!???) Bruce flew me to Florida to see my mom and best friend. It was a wonderful, although, a short visit. It was somewhat surreal being back in Florida. I missed it, felt it was still somewhat "home", and yet I also felt like a tourist and was happy to get back to MT. I suppose all of the above can be true all at once.

Tamara and one of her Expressive Arts Florida partners, Elizabeth. It was so cool to finally see their new studio space!

We spent some time playing with art supplies and Tamara showed me a process called "string drawing". Very Cool!!

Anyway... I think most of my other pictures and updates belong on the Newly Nomads site... See you there! :)