Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Nation in Trouble?

In the arena of politics, I grow a bit more cynical each day. I know we decided to stay in this country for now so I should probably just shut up, but this administration and presidency with its unending arrogance and irresposibility is really getting to me. I am sick of reading all the spin on the economy and how great everything is when evidence to the contrary is mounting everywhere around us.

It might be a sign of not having fully accepted that I don't live in Florida anymore when I go and read the Sarasota newspaper online pretty much daily. That being a post for another time, this is what I found there today: Are We in a Recession? If you go into the Forums within that article, you will find this YouTube clip; Maxed Out.

I'm also still trying to finish reading this book; Dark Ages America. Trying, not because it is a bad book (and I generally devour books in a few days), but because it makes me too angry to read it. I have been giving this book a good college try ever since I bought it while we visited on Cortes Island in B.C. this summer, and ever since then I have been tempted to stop reading it. I hate to get myself in a bad mood, but then I pick it up again and again because I feel like a cop-out for not reading it just because I am uncomfortable with it.

I get the distinct feeling the emperor is not wearing any clothes.


kenju said...

Tia, the emperor has been naked for a number of years now.

Tia said...

Kenju - Don't I know it! What I am so angry about is that nothing has been done about it! He (and his posse) are still getting away with it all, and no-one can seem to do anything about it.

Fundamentalism and Capitalism seem to be a match made in heaven.

Jessica said...

Nice to see you back at your own groovy blog space after the long adventure. :) Gorgeous commute!

The book looks good. I keep wondering if in the long run this will turn out to be the beginning of the end of America's power and amazing prosperity. These things are always shifting. Friends say I'm overreacting, and I usually tend to agree, but the signs are there...

Stephen Newton said...

Tia, Amen, amen, amen