Sunday, November 18, 2007

Good Things

Things that made my weekend:
  1. I got to talk to my brother for quite a while yesterday. And my dad, for a little bit.
  2. A new little kitty - another calico - has found our house and is considering staying around as long as the food lasts. (She's actually been around for a week or so... and of course she is adorable.)
  3. I got to spend time with my hubby watching the Packer game - at least we could have some fun even though he is sick right now.
  4. We got the winter tires on before the roads got icy.
  5. I got to spend some time in my studio. I wasn't making art, but still. It's been a while.
  6. I slept extra long on Saturday - and then took a nap later on.
  7. I almost didn't think about work all weekend.
  8. We had some snow falling today... none made it on the ground though. They are promising some more will fall tonight. We'll see.
  9. I keep making some progress reading "Dark Ages America" - I can't wait to stop feeling upset.
  10. I only have to work two and a half days and then I get to have five and a half days off. After all the loooooooong days, it couldn't come at a better time.

1 comment:

kenju said...

Sounds like a good weekend. I slept today the same way you did on Sat.; took 2 naps of 2 hours each! Now I feel guilty for sleeping the day away...LOL