Friday, November 02, 2007

My Commute

I just had to stop and take some pictures of my commute to work today. I have a 35 minute drive through some beautiful back roads that meander along the mountain side and pass by one of my favorite lakes. On any given morning, there is hardly any traffic. Aside from watching out for deer, the drive allows me to have some peace and calm both before and after work. (And that is definitely needed right now!) Enjoy my commute with me!


kenju said...

The scenery is gorgeous - but I am trying to imagine it with 3 feet of snow.....LOL. How easy will it be then?

Stephen Newton said...

That is a very nice commute, Tia. Beauty, beauty everywhere. Thanks for sharing.

Belinda Shinshillas said...

Dear Tia:

I really Enjoyed to commute with you! Your pictures are really beautiful.

Thank you for that!

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