Sunday, March 11, 2007


Kumba at Busch Gardens Photo by Joe Schwartz

This appears to be how Bruce and I do things. Following a gut feeling. Even when what is being asked of us, or the bigger picture, is not clear. So yesterday we entered into a contract to sell the house.

We have no idea what comes next.

And it is absolutely OK.

The certainty of this decision being right for us now feels as abundantly clear as my proposing to Bruce on our third date, three days after our first date. (It's a story you haven't heard yet, I know. And I will tell it soon, it is a pretty cool one.)

Right now, I am grinning from ear to ear.

It is time to buckle our seat belts - the steady click of the chain dogs pulling us up to the summit of the roller coaster has subsided... We're about to take off! (And I now know how I will use some of that passion and creativity burning within me!...)


SzélsőFa said...

I keep my imaginary fingers crossed for you both!

kunzang said...

Nothing like that exhileration of letting go, moving on! Good luck!
But, being a very practical person, and knowing they were part of the NZ migration plan, I have to ask you this: what about your cats?

Danielle B. said...

Oh my what great news!!! I will be waiting to hear what happens next!! BTW we will be going to Busch Gardens on Tuesday....Miss Sam's big 12th b-day ;)...I still am in awe as to how we got her this far ;)

Pearl said...

lol. Let the rollar coaster ride ramp up. Glad you're both ready for it.

I do want to hear that meeting and proposal story.

Tia said...

thank you everyone!

And Kunzang, yes, the cats are still a part of this whole plan. They will have "temporary quarters" with good friends while we're on a "temporary trip" deciding our next destination, and then we will all reunite to go wherever it is we are going. Hopefully our 13 yr. old alpha male can take all the excitement... He is the only one I worry about just a bit. The other two will adjust (and may even forget us) as soon as they hear the food bowls. =)

kunzang said...

Tia - give me their names. I will put them in our prayerbook. We say prayers for people, animals - whoever needs that extra bit of help!

Tia said...

Kunzang, that is so kind of you to offer! They can certainly use the support through what will be a stressfull time for them.

They are:
Ptah - pronounced "Tah"
Shu, and

with much gratitude,

Jessica said...

I'm so glad the verbal offer is down on paper, and you know the long house sale saga is behind you. Saw Bruce's skydiving pic to go along with your roller coaster - great analogies for your impending explorations! I hope you enjoy the ride! (Try not to get queasy on those sudden turns. They always get me.) wishing you all the best on your adventure. :)

Le Synge Bleu said...

oh wow, tia! i'm so excited for you...this is truly thrilling in an absolute trust in the universe sort of way. all the inner work you've been doing is so well timed - its definitely going to only serve you and connect you deeper with your own higher self which will help point you to the next step.

and i do want to hear the romance story, being one who jumped in with both feet fairly quickly as well.