Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Since I am having a hard time finding my sense of humor....

I bring you this sign on a store window instead. (Sorry about the reflection on the glass....)

And how am I doing?.... Still no resolution from Orb. The manager did write me back and said this would be fixed, but I have yet to see that. Apparently the universe wants me in relative isolation for now. Not that I couldn't sign up for the broadband - I just REALLY don't want two internet bills when it is not necessary.

I've found a car. I haven't got it yet, because my co-worker has to find a replacement car first - and before she can do that, she has to move into their new home they just bought. So I wait. Whatever. It might be three or four weeks before I can have it. Unless I give up and go home before then.

I've had two days of being very down. Today is a little better. I await for some sense of calm knowing to descend upon me... Up until now it's been anything but calm emotionally. I happened upon an Alternative Healing "fair" last Saturday (it was more like five practitioners had decided to get together). One of the healers tested me for free and told me I needed the essence of Orange right now. I had NO money on me and she didn't take credit cards so I couldn't buy it. Then yesterday afternoon I was home feeling TOTALLY out of control sad, panicked, and upset, balling my eyes out - and out of NOWHERE an orange landed on the roof of the house. No-one was around. There are no orange trees around. But this orange just landed on the roof and rolled down the metal roof. I saw it fall off. I looked up "orange" in my Nature Speak book (about the messages and medicine of plants and environments in general) and orange is about "trusting emotions and dreams", "releasing fears and emotional trauma" as well as "calm". OK then. Well, I have been asking for signs lately.


Jessica said...

Glad an orange fell on your roof. How odd. But a good and comforting thing.

I shouldn't venture to say this since I haven't met you in person.. hard to know... but I think if you are still not at all happy with your move - beyond the obvious missing Bruce and getting used to a new environment - that returning home to Florida should definitely be on the table. It took us a while to settle, but I felt I was in the right place here in NZ. It doesn't seem to be a feeling you've had for any length of time yet. And I hate to think you'd be miserable and separated if it's for nothing other than a sense that you ought to slog through the alloted number of weeks giving NZ a go... Then again I could be way off since I am only a blog acquaintance! What the hell do I know?!

Sending all good thoughts your way.

keda said...

i like the reflection on the glass! it's you :)

and yippee for the orange. lovely.

as for you saying you felt jealous at mine.. don't. he lives in seattle still. he will come over for my birthday next week but then we'll have to wait till the spring before i see him again.

life is not always easy. but good things are worth waiting for.

Pearl said...

Oranges from heaven. That's pretty freaky. Thank goodness she didn't say you needed essence of elephant or you'd need roof repair. (But in that case the world being wisdom would have just tied it your mailbox.)

Luckily breathing costs nothing and it's healing too.

Savor your citrus.

SzélsőFa said...

If there is humour to be found then there nothing is completely lost.
Re: the falling orange. Wow.

Stephen Newton said...

I'm just plain happy to hear from you, regardless of your present mood. Crying, sadness...that's not you, my dear. Ask the Maori elder who's supposed to be taking care of you for some advice. I'd like to know his perspective and if he can suggest a ritual to help you come to clarity.

I've adapted to my situation here in Tenn., love the place I work, and feel like I'm adapting or fitting in or whatever the hell you would call it. I can't believe it myself, but it's true. It's like I've always lived here, the people I work with are all old souls I've known before. It's weird and uncanny. Sometimes, I think I'm really dead and this is some kind of pleasant dream. I swear, each time I meet a new person, it's like "Wow, where have we met before?" It's too amazing for words. My past life in Florida has all but faded from memory.

I was offered a job in Florida recently that would start in December. Interesting development.

I'm sending you a hug, a BIG HUG and the Universe is sending you ORANGES : )

kenju said...

An orange on the roof? Too much! Be careful what you ask for, Tia, 'cause you will obviously et it!

Mikael Reponen said...

Yup, I would say the same :) I just wonder if she has been told to have something "black and salty" and she would have been thinking of Finnish Salmiakki, after that a 100kg sack would have fallen on the roof, she would have eaten it all (knowing her) within 10 minutes .. (grin) .. and well, heart beat up to 180, she would have been jumping around like energizer bunny.. dumdydum.. still don't know why I suddenly wrote this, but... oh, well.. had some weird flash bácks, you know :) .. and hopefully got some smile on Tia's face, for atleast.. mm.. lets say 15 secs?? :P

Sauna warm hugs from Finland!!

Stephen Newton said...

HI, Tia. I'll be glad when we can talk online again. How' that Internet deal going?