Sunday, September 17, 2006

You Are All With Me

Please know that in the days to come, as my blog remains un-updated (and I am sure it will for a little while), I have you all in my thoughts and in my heart. You are a part of the reason this transition is easier for me to bear. You give me strength. You make me laugh when I am waaaaaay too stressed. You bring me to tears with your unconditional support, your insight, and your wit. You lift me up and give me courage. I thank you all for being with me in spirit as I take off on this big EXCITING adventure! Please keep us in your thoughts, and send some positive energy out there so that I may soon hold my most precious love in my arms again! You are the best!



Pearl said...

Watch for randomly timed bursts of positive energy coming your way from me.

Exciting times. Enjoy them to bits.

Catherine said...

Have a great trip! I guess you may not be reading this until you are here. New Zealand is blossoming right now, spring is busting out all over :)

bobealia said...

Happy Tailwinds Tia.
I wish you all the best, especially in the next few days to come. I'll send you strength and energy, or white light, as we call it in my family.
Say hi to the bitches in Fiji.

Jennie said...

Tia, When I'm nervous or unsure I always like to visualize God holding me strongly and warmly in the palm of His hand ~ Whatever comes my way there I'll be! and I pray for the same for you and your amazing move to wonderful New Zealand! Enjoy!!

kenju said...

I'll be sending my random bursts in between Pearl's energy!