Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Even if I have a hard time letting them go...

they keep letting me go!!!

Yesterday morning I was drying my hair so that I could get out the door with last minute errands, and I started to smell that familiar smoke again. Yes... This time it was my hair dryer. As I swiftly unplugged it (this time without even tripping a breaker - I am getting good at this!) it downright burst in flames inside.

It really did not need to be that melodramatic about it. I get it.

So, here I am - free of my electronic devices (don't worry Keda - I'm all set...) and ready to take on the Land of the Long White Cloud! Thank you for all your well wishes and love! I am happy I don't have to pay for tickets for everyone that is with me in spirit! Keep sending us that light and strength! We can both use it right now.

Love to all of you,


Anonymous said...

Safe travels m'love. Energy & light to you. I'll be seeing you in my dreams.

Tomi Anttila said...

Hear about you! And you never know, might still see ya ;)



markis said...

i bet you can't wait to see toilette's flush in counter direction!

speak'n of which,
here, for a little laugh:

may the force be with y'all :)

kenju said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip, be safe and let us know when you are all tucked into the new land.

Jessica said...

Hoping all is going as smoothly as possible. Welcome to New Zealand!

keda said...

ooh amber and green light winging its way eternally sweetnessess :)

bobealia said...

0 Hours, 0 Minutes, 0 Seconds!!!
Bon Voyage!!!