Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tribute to My Curler

I think my appliances are trying to make it easier for me to let go. Yesterday morning my hot air curling iron went out in one big *poof*. The lights flickered and finally went out, there was a slight smell of smoke in the air, and just like that, my curler was gone.

I guess after so many years, it couldn't bare the thought of possibly being dragged off to New Zealand and being used with *gasp* an adaptor, while all along feeling "less than" the native electronic devices... only to eventually die a lonely death in a foreign land.

One less thing to carry. Sigh.


butwearesmall said...

It's deffinately a sign that you need to just let some things go. I started with all new appliances in England, and you know what? They are WAY better. When I go to North America, I always find that the straighteners take for EVER to straighten. I think Kiwi's are more British than the Brit's themselves, so I'm sure their appliances will rock.

You are doing so well Tia. I am so excited for you!

Photogirl said...

I'm sorry about your curling iron. Its always sad to lose a good appliance. I will be devastated when my straightening iron departs this world.

Jessica said...

ahh you're going to take off before they get me hooked up at the house! i just have a sec. wishing you well. discovered yesterday that art supplies including brushes cost so much more over here. ship some of that over!

(i moderate comments on our blog, so your comments were only not showing up because I haven't been around to ok them, i think.)

hope the last few days don't wring you out too much!

keda said...

haha sod the curling tongs babe.. who's going to see you? bruce won't even be there for a while... you need the room for lets say.. more umm fun toys ;) be a lot more useful :)

you are both doing such a great thing darling..
please tell bruce i'm sorry. i kept his page up forEVER yesterday but it was such a heartbreaking post i just couldn't find words :(
you are amazing and you'll be together again before you know it.
thank god for phones, toys and skype !

Jennie said...

You mean to tell me that New Zealand has electricity?!

tee hee

Sissy B. said...

There is a clinical name for assigning human qualities to inanimate objects :)...but as I glanced over at the number of days remaining until your new adventure...I won't be judgemental :)...I am so very excited for you!!!

Catherine said...

Who dared to suggest that New Zealand doesn't have electricity? We have lots of it, so much of it that our voltage is twice the American voltage - and it will be so much easier to get new appliances without having to use a transformer.
Hope you get online quickly after the move!

butwearesmall said...

I think you guys are my inspiration. You are so awesome and I hear your comments about blokey-bloke. totally true. But i agree with Keda, toys are good too!!!

I cant wait to see you in NZ. YOu are going to love it. Ilove kiwis. they are good good people.

PS) i hate WV when i am drunk coming home from the pub i just cant do it!

Tia said...
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Tia said...

You guys are one of the reasons I still have my sanity! Thank you! And Keda.... toys coming along! ;-)

bobealia said...

OH MY GOD. TIME has FLOWN. I can't believe you are leaving in two days!!! AcK!!! Would if you can't get internet there??? I will be SADDDD. I will cry. Help! I'm not ready for you to leave.

butwearesmall said...

Congrats on the fabulous partay Tia. Now tell us blog-peeps how you are doing! Come on, you still have 2 whole more days to write about your woes or happiness.


SzélsőFa said...

I'm more tha happy NOT to see any update here, really, dear Tia. Now it's really not the time for teh internet.
Still I hope you can update at least some days after you get to NZ.
I am wishing you a good journey!