Saturday, September 03, 2011

Dreaming of Simplified Life

My dream home

The past two years have been a process of clearing, letting go, clarifying, and growing into the spaces that were not as of yet occupied by my spirit. I'm still in it, but increasingly with some newly-found ability to breathe and trust more than other times in my life when this process has rolled around. It's been therapeutic and a little bit addicting to let go of material belongings - there is still much more to go in this department - as I continue to hear my spirit's calling toward a much simpler life.

I'm nowhere near ready or skilled enough to live off-the-grid and self-sustainably but it is a beautiful, inspiring vision to hold in my heart and mind - not so much alone as with a community of people also wanting to live in that manner. For now, I continue to have garage sale after garage sale to let go of the clutter that once filled the house. This house is my home and I love it but I also realize it is more than I need, and the memories in it still sting at times.

My horoscope for tomorrow asks what dinosaur I may be trying to keep alive when a new era is ready to come rolling in... So much of my life has already transformed it is hard to say for sure which "thing" is still of the old world, except perhaps the very dwelling in which I live.

I'm happy, hopeful, grateful and more peaceful for the first time in a very long time. Ready to dream of the next phase even as I realize more letting go is yet ahead.

Peace and Love, Tia

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