Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Quick Update

OK, I am at work WELL after hours (I actually biked back to work to get on line – how desperate am I?!?!?!) to do a quick update for you before it gets dark outside and I will have to brave the deathly roads of Rotorua to bike back home. Technically, I am not even supposed to be on blogger from work, but if anyone gives me a hard time I think breaking down in tears of frustration at the lack of contact with my friends and family will possibly work for me………….

It hasn’t been the brightest of times for me, as you have probably already gathered from bruce’s blog……

And I won’t even talk about Telecom and what idiot the sales person there is. OK, well I can’t resist this one little bit – just so you don’t think my calling him an idiot is totally out of line. Telecom decided to cut me off – without EVER sending me the first bill. So, on top of all the other brilliant things he did (like telling me that his grandfather is having no over-usage problems with Skype, so why do I?), today the sales person left me a phone message to tell me he had E-MAILED me further details. E-MAILED!!!!!!!!!!!! He E-MAILED something to a customer that they have CUT OFF FROM THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK. Enough said. Thanks for listening. I’m done. =)

But besides that, it has been a rough five weeks. All over-emotionality about being so far from Bruce aside (NOT so easy to do!!!!! And actually, it’s not OVER-emotionality at all – it is simply intensely painful to be away from the love of my life), I am not even remotely convinced about this being the right move for us. But we’ll see. I think we’ve agreed to give it three months. That’s roughly seven more weeks, and counting.

I think right now ONE Skype call from my god-daughter in Finland could convince me to pack up my bags and tell Bruce to meet me there! I guess it is a good thing I don’t have access to Skype, huh?

Anyway…. The sun is fading fast and I have a 5K ride ahead of me so I will run. I miss you all SO much! Thank you for all the well wishes, light, and love you keep sending. It means the world to me, and I am sure Bruce can use the support right now as well.


Tomi Anttila said...

That Skype call can be arrenged ;)

Sry to hear about your "bad times" :'(

keda said...

ugh that phone company idiot is just... um... ooh i can't say it here!


take care baby. our thoughts are with you. lovely to hear from you :)

bobealia said...

Quick, Tommy, Bruce, get that god-daughter on the phone. I want to hear more about Finland and I think family is always a good thing.
Hang in there Tia.

Jessica said...

Best wishes Tia. As always, hope you and Bruce are together again very soon, on whatever continent you choose.

Catherine said...

Telecom sucks! Try switching to Clear, I think they have better customer service. And, if you are just using Skype (not having long video chats) then there is no way your bill should get to $700. I do hope you get it sorted. No country is perfect, but you don't seem to have had the greatest introduction to New Zealand (and of course being apart from Bruce doesn't help).
Sending good vibes for getting the internet sorted

Pearl said...

lol. emailing may not have been the best notification now that they come to think of it.

Hope you had a good cycle.

Stephen Newton said...

Your progress fascinates me, Tia. Sending you love and hugs from afar.

kenju said...

Tia, I hope you have made it back safely from your bike ride. I cannot believe that guy emailed something to you after the company cut you off. That's just priceless. Hope you get it worked out soon.

hanulf said...

You keep me smiling, even though I sense you're near tears most of the time. Things will turn around, though. They always do.

Arthur said...

Living in NZ gets easier the longer you're here, though your separation makes it harder for you to find that out. My advice would be to focus on the things you enjoy, like nature, and maybe on a things that don't feel "foreign". That's what I did in my early days in NZ, and it seemed to help me.

As for Telecom, it's easy to see why most people in NZ love to hate the company. I'd bet that a large chunk of your $700 was for various installation charges and the like. They're notorious for high charges like that.

Best of luck to you!

Anonymous said...

It takes time to settle...the southern hemisphere is very different even though the language is the same...
Travelling to other places in this world made me, or us, want to be here in Sydney, in the Asia-Pac region. It is very difficult to adjust especially without your spouse...that whole 'partner' thing still gets me!
Please give it time...sometimes too much time on our hands isn't good but 'over' time it does get better. I still cry but you are not alone. We arrived with only our suitcases and son but 2 months changes everything. You can always get a cheap flight to Sydney and stay for a weekend or however long you'd like! Jetstar is good. We are here and you can do are doing it!
Michelle, Tim, and Declan

Mikael Reponen said...


Skype works for me, but when it comes for international "calls" without webcams, I always use Teamspeak or Ventrilo :)

Aywhichways, Tia think about the email I sent you tonight, errrm, if you have a chance to read it! .. lol .. before you will be cut off totally :D

Aaargh ! It's a rainy night here in Finland, and believe it or not, tomorrow is a big day ahead. 8 -hour nightshift and then have to stay 4 more hours awake before having the interview for the new job! huh! wish me luck!

oh ah, and hello all! Bruce cheers! Wish you'll get things sorted out soon. - Tomi :D long time, no hear! :P or should I say "He called himself a.. ummm .. zerooo....", you still remember the movie? :D

BR, Mikael -

Sir_not_appearing_in_this_blog_world ...

P.S. Tomi, hit me with a MSG if you like :) email addr. is on my profile :)