Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Another Day Survived...

Still no car. Still no final decision about a rental place.... But I do have friends, a place to sleep, clothes, food, and money in the bank. That probably puts me in the top 7% in the world right there. There are a lot more things I'd LIKE to have - but those fall in the category of conveniences, I suppose.

I did look at a place today, with a rent that is more than I'd like to spend while I am on my own, but it would be safe, and it would be a place where all of us (three kitties included) can stay until we know where else we might want to go... It's the best I've seen so far - that's all I can say. I guess basically I am culture shocking a bit. Houses here, and the standard of living in general, are SO not what I am used to - unless you have the $$ to spend on a more modern place. And anyone who knows me well knows I am not a "high-maintenance" girl by a long shot (all teasing by my husband aside). I am not afraid to roll up my sleeves and get dirty, and I am used to being creative and making do with what is available. I am also willing to adjust to our new home country, and in the long run I'll likely be happier for it, but right now it's all a bit much.... The shift from stopping the comparisons with what "I am used to" and what is now my new reality is the in-between time where the discomfort lives. The sooner I can stop that, the happier I'll be. Right now I am very much in the thick of that shift.

I know I sound like a spoiled brat, so forgive me, but I don't understand the lack of storage space and closet space - or central heating in houses here?! WHY would so many homes in a country that gets as cold as it does here (because let's face it, it gets PLENTY cold - and we're in spring!) use space heaters as a way of heating!? That's like heating a house by having a hairdryer to keep it warm. Yes, some places have fire places, some have thermal heating, etc. etc. - but a lot of them don't. And I won't even start about the closets.

OK... Well, anyway. I am looking outside the window, and the sky is a beautiful mix of blue and orange as the sun is setting behind the mountains.... The birds are chirping endlessly, and the Rhododendrons all over the place are bursting with so many flowers that I keep thinking the branches will break any minute. I AM in a beautiful place. I will come to know, one day, that all those things I miss and have just left behind are going to be replaced with things that will become even more dear to me.

I just need to flow and breathe. There are lessons here. And so much beauty that I haven't even begun to explore!


keda said...

i think its hard to compare housing in the us with anywhere else. though i hate to say it.
my mum only got central heating installed in the uk last year... and then not throughout the whole house!!

i've had to install it in both my last houses... even though i'm renting, at huge cost to myself! and closet space??? are you kidding?? never heard of it!

here you evenb have to put in your own plug sockets and light fittings/switches.

but i can imagine how hard it is, and i'm being no help whatsoever.. sorry!

i hope it gets easier soon babe. it will. take care and wrap up warm darling.

Stephen Newton said...

Yes,, the US does spoil us, but Florida was unique in terms of luxuries and conveniences. Believe me, I've lived in a number of different places and Florida knows how to create spaces. The rest of the country, Tennessee included, is not far from NZ in terms of what they consider is suitable for renting or buying. Like Keda said, her mother got central air only recently. In TN, space heaters and other antiquated heating are the norm. If I stay here, it will be a bitter cold experience getting up in the morning. Hang in there Tia. You've got love to keep you warm.

kenju said...

"I AM in a beautiful place. I will come to know, one day, that all those things I miss and have just left behind are going to be replaced with things that will become even more dear to me."

Tia, keep that in mind and you will be fine!


Pearl said...

No central heat there either huh? Not common in England or BC Canada. Odd.

Yes, you're probably in at least the top 5% with what you've got and me still but it's those tiny gaps between wish and have that drive us nuts, or keep us with something to hope for I suppose.

Here's to beauty.

Jessica said...

D and I took a scouting trip to look at neighborhoods and houses a year before we moved, so we had the luxury of having housing shock and then time to decide how we felt about it before we came over. It was, for us, the biggest shock of the move (if that's helpful). Nothing like houses in Virginia! I hope you find a house with a woodstove; they heat a lot more cheaply than using electric.

Sorry that you're having a time.
Much metta. Wishing you all the best.

Jessica said...

And on a separate note...


Catherine said...

Yes, New Zealand houses suck as far as proper insulation and heating go. Heat pumps are becoming popular now, but I don't think you can buy one that you can move with you. If you can, that would be the way to go, much cheaper to run. If you have to rely on space heating, watch the power bill, it will probably be a shock!
I'm afraid we come from rugged pioneer stock and our standard response to being cold is to put on a jersey and run around the block to warm up. Things are changing, but not fast enough.
This cold probably won't last too long, it has been a particularly cold week. September (before you arrived) was really quite warm - though not as warm as Florida. It's Friday now, so - have a very happy and hopefully warm birthday!

Tia said...

Thank you guys. I know this is a bit of a reality check and a time of "detoxing" from the capitalist, consumer-oriented way of living I have inadvertently become used to, and the adjustment period will eventually be over....

Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday!!!!!

Just remember DSM 309

person with adjustment disorder often experiences feelings of .......... u named it! lol

TAKE IT EASY BABY, U will do it !!!!

Just relax!!!!!


butwearesmall said...

Hey guess what? My flat in London doesn't have heat at all either. London! Can you believe that? I'll be using a hair dryer as well. How nuts eh?

Anyway, happy birthday lovely!!! Hope you have a fabulous time and have loads of fun with toys while you are away from your honey-bunny. ;-)

keda said...

happy birthday dear one!

kisses and hugs and lots of light across the ether :)

i LOVED loved loved all the pictures and bruces beautiful tribute to you.

rock on sweetpea.