Sunday, September 24, 2006

Saturday Images

Here are just a few pictures from my tour with Bronwyn. I could have snapped pictures every time I turned my head, but didn't. And these ones appear a bit overexposed so the richness of the colors doesn't come through at all. Sorry.

This was from a lookout on the way to Lake Tarawera.

This is Lake Rotokakahi - the sacred lake no-one is supposed to go to.

Mt. Tarawera, all 1111 meters of it. The rest blew off in 1886. Apparently it had the most gorgeous, and quite large, natural terraces out of white and pick crystal that were completely destroyed in the eruption. People from all over the world would come to enjoy them. Now that gem stone treasure is strewn about the island and at the bottom of the lakes. A black swan and some ducks came to greet us on the lake.


Jessica said...

Great to see pictures of your tour around Rotorua. Keep 'em comin'! Glad you a have a bit of support for your first days. Any jet lag?


Sissy B. said...

Oh I love the tour!!!!!! not that I don't want to hear how you are adapting though ;)...I think that will take awhile for you to process.