Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Kia Ora from Zippy's!

I fear Bronwyn may have done a very bad thing introducing me to Zippy's cafe! Last night we had dinner there after work, after she had first driven around with me to look at a possible rental. We didn't find the exact location of the flat, but the general area was just gorgeous. She called it "within walking distance" - and I call it "No Way in Hell!" I did say I was looking forward to getting some exercise, but jeeesh - I am not ready for 10K daily just to get to work!!!! We were half way around the lake, it seems. Sure, it would be scenic, but I think I might have to leave around 7 AM to make it on time! Well, anyway - back to Zippy's. I had the most divine Salmon avocado foccacia sandwich!!! Bronwyn thought it was quite funny I whipped out my camera when the food arrived. I thought it was almost a shame to touch it, it was so beautiful. But then I took a bite and got over that very quickly!

Unfortunataly I didn't realize until now that in her picture Bronwyn has her eyes closed. She is so sweet. I could not have asked for a more wonderful, warm hearted, considerate, and professional person to be guiding me. She is just a sweetheart - and I think she is REALLY excited to have the promise of relief (me) at work so she can get out from underneath the heavy workload a bit!!

Today I attended my first clinical meetings and it felt SO good to be among a professional team again!!! I can actually feel blood flowing into parts of my brain that have been dormant for some time now! I have some refreshing and resharpening of my own skills to do - but I look forward to it. I get home and feel quite exhausted, but I suppose that is to be expected. After all, it is a new county, a new accent, new laws, new protocols and policy, and a new job...... I have a tendency to expect that I will know everything by tomorrow. Including speaking Maori fluently.

Just please God, make the Kiwis realize they must start driving on the right!!

(One can always hope, no?)

And God, if you can't do that, then please just get Bruce here sooon!


Catherine said...

Well, it looks as if Zippy's serves pretty healthy food, so why not? How did the welcome go?
No, we're not about to start driving on the right. And a good many New Zealanders don't speak fluent Maori - in fact a good many Maori don't speak fluent Maori :)
Often the most enthusiastic to learn it are the immigrants! I guess in your job it would be useful though.

Tracey said...

Coming over from Michele.

I just wanted to say I love New Zealand! I was able to spend 3 weeks over there 6 years ago and fell in love with the country. I love seeing your pictures!

Stephen Newton said...

Tia, Thanks for the Bear medicine wisdom. I have felt the need to climb a tree recently. I'll include that on my to-do list. I love Bronwyn and the salmon looked yummy. I definitely want to join you and Bruce for a night at Zippys.

Good luck on finding a new place. That location sounded wonderful despite the long hike.

kenju said...

Thanks to the pic of your sandwich, I will have to go and get a midnight snack! I am glad that Bronwyn took you under her wing. Hope you find a place soon.

Rulan said...

lol. None of that driving on the right. It's about time the American's learned to drive on the left.

Sounds like you are enjoying NZ. Not surprising, after all, it is God's own.