Tuesday, August 29, 2006


OK, so it is totally obnoxiously HUGE, but I actually DID it! I figured out how to copy the code to get the countdown clock to appear in the sidebar!!! I'm so excited!! Of course, it is also advertizing FireFox with an ad the size of Manhattan - while I am using Internet Explorer to be online - but hey! I did it!!!! And it only took three hours!!



Anonymous said...

I am even more computer illiterate than you...changing my template took me like a month!!! I like the new countdown!!!

Jessica said...

COOL!! I wish I had one of those. Can you make it count upwards once you move here? The would be cool too. Ok I'm a goober.

keda said...

well done babe!
sorry i couldn't help.. i only arrived back very late last night so only saw your mail this morning. beleive it or not i'm pretty rubbish myself though with this stuff. whenever i change anything it takes quite a few tries.. and saved versions of my template on word for emergencies... which do happen.
it really is trail and error, and its fun to learn and figure out youself often. (though i have a couple of friends who i call apon to right my wrongs/total fu*ck-ups)

well done you!

mar said...

Good your you!!!!! very well done, I might try it myself ... Michele sent me this time, happy wednesday!

bobealia said...

I'm using Firefox.