Friday, August 11, 2006

Welcome to My Gallery Opening!

While in Finland, I rediscovered some things that fifteen years ago (heck, maybe even five!) would have been nothing more than junk to me, but that now speak to me in a whole new way. So, today I thought I'd share some of those things with you. Because it's my blog, and I can. Welcome to the opening of the art gallery of Tia (that would be me), age 6.

Self Portrait (I assume). I especially like the tail.

Still Life - crayon on paper.

What would a Scandinavian artist-girl be without her Nordic fish?

"Fall" - I was an October baby... I LLLLLOVE Fall.

"Bug's Life" Bring it on, Pixar, Disney, adn Warner Brothers!.....

I hope you've enjoyed the show! All pieces are for sale. Please inquire with gallery manager (that would be me again).

Haera ra.



Jean-Luc Picard said...

These are really good, Tia!

Catherine said...

What a talented six year old! And probably with a good teacher, too.
I was going to e-mail you but I can't find your e-mail on your blogger profile. And I've just discovered mine doesn't seem to be on my profile either.
Try cfitchett (at) netaccess dot co dot nz

keda said...

ooh the artlets just LOVED them!

they've just stared colour the background as well. lovely lovey.
great work darling ;)

SzélsőFa said...

Thanks for the lively collection. The tail might refer to your liking of cats...I wonder...
But Tia, you are eiter 21 yo, or those drawings were made 29 years ago- hm?
Ps:I also collect my kids' drawing. More than often we analyze it with my husband.

Sissy B. said...

Those are my Psychology class we do personality interpretations in regards to art...yours portrays a very happy and bright childhood...your creativity continues beautifully now that you are an adult.

bobealia said...

I LOVE them!!!! Especially the fish. Oh, and the tail. I drew people a lot like you did when I was that age. I thought I was a great draw-er. I did. I think my mom really encouraged me because I did it all the time on my own and I felt that I was good. You definitely have talent!! I considered buying one.. the fish or the self portrait... but then I remembered that I have no money. Dang! You should consider framing one. Friends of my husband had a unicorn painting done by a little girl framed really nicely in their livingroom and because it was framed and hung it looked like a picasso. Kid art can be amazing! It's all relative. Sometimes I think we forget how. When I was in art school my best drawing work was when I went big and free-er. I had gotten too tight over the years.
Regarding balance... I have no answers. I think that was why I posted about it. I'm even conflicted because I like things... I like products... I wish I was a consumer tester... quality control. I am always thinking of ways that things could be/look better. How do I balance that??? In Europe I was SOOO impressed with the way things were designed to last, take up less room..etc. It's amazing that what the market expects is actually what is produced. In the US and Canada everything is made to be disposable. Okay, I'm ranting now. On your blog nonetheless. Like I said, I don't know. I haven't found balance.

Pearl said...

:) What a sunny palette.

By all means, you can add me to your blogs list.

Stephen Newton said...

Yes, I agree. Beautiful paintings. They all display your artistic soul, which continues to break through as you become who you are. Thanks for sharing those bright, innocent visions.

kenju said...

Tia, you were QUITE the artist! I love all the bright colors.

Thanks for the visit, and for pointing me to Bruce's photos. I especially like the one of you and Pinja - she is a beauty! (You are pretty cute too)...LOL

Vickie said...

these are brilliant and I am so damn envious right now. i grew up moving and bc of that my folks didnt hang on to anything like this. i really wish they had. I used to sell my art door to door. No joke. when my mom found out, I got in sooooo much trouble for making the neighbours feel sorry for me and give me their pity for pocket money. it was hillarious.

queen of light and joy said...

Great images! I love them, and the tail is great!
Michele sent me