Monday, August 21, 2006

New Addition to the Family

Yes people. We did it. We finally decided to purchase another computer, so I am posting today on my new laptop. It is also equipped with a headset and webcam in preparation for the upcoming move... soon to be my only way to stay in touch with my husband, until further notice. The computer and I are slowly becoming acquainted, and for the most part we're getting along. But, I do realize I hate having to learn new technology-related things. I dislike the learning curve and the initial awkwardness. I wish I could be like Trinity. Just download the program and off I go in my PVC outfit! *sigh*

I have felt distinctly uninterested in posting. Or talking to people. Or doing anything. I am sick of going through THINGS at home. Wherever I look I see more moving-related tasks to be done. I don't want to look through any more photos or scrap books. I don't want to decide what to get rid of or who to give items to. I don't want to answer the question "Any news with selling the house?" ONE MORE TIME! (sorry... it's my current pet peeve #1.) I just need to disconnect for a bit. The other day, I actually considered going to an amusement park by myself, and I don't particularly enjoy amusement parks. But I could use to be AMUSED. And I am pretty certain stuffing myself into that PVC outfit would not do the trick.

OK, thank you for listening - my allotted time for whining today has been all used up.

Here is my gratitude list for today:
1) I am married to the most amazing man. Truly. There are no words that could describe the full depth of his soul.
2) I am healthy, and my body is full of wisdom. (I could use to listen to it a bit more often - but I am working on that.)
3) My people - my soul family. The incredible teachers who walk with me in all corners of this world. Virtually or otherwise.
4) Being able to snuggle with any one of our three cats. They are the best therapy - and such amazing teachers!
5) I have the incredible capacity to feel - joy, love, longing, pain, all of it.
6) Finnish Coffee. (Trust me on this one.)
7) I survived my teenage years.
8) (This started out as a smart remark about our current political leader - but I decided I didn't want that on my gratitude list...), the cleaned up version goes: Whatever the state of the world today - I believe that life and love will still win in the end. We may not be lucky enough to witness it, but I keep hoping.
9) Florida thunderstorms. WOW! I will miss them!
10) Self adhesive stamps. (Because it just got too overwhelming to express how amazing this whole trip called "life" really is!)



bobealia said...

Ok, so right now, I'm worried about your cats. Are they coming to NZ???
I'm still sick, this is the seventh day, but I'm feeling better... or at least like I'm getting better. I know this because I want to do things, even if they make me tired. Before I couldn't even think about wanting to do things much, and mostly was just sleeping. And I'm coughing less.
At least you know that this feeling is a stage... and will pass. Because it has to, because you have a ticket that says you leave on a certain day, and you must be packed by then. Maybe instead of a leather suit, you could buy some sexy underwear. New underwear are like the best kind of retail therapy because they feel nice next to your skin and no one knows but you and maybe your husband, which makes it even better. Buy red or orange or yellow or green. Either that, or bubble bath or face cream. You could go for a run, that works for my husband. Run the stink off you. You could go to that new movie, Little Miss Sunshine, by yourself. I love Toni Colette. I haven't seen it, but I could go with you in spirit because I really want to see it. Go to a matine.
I'm out of suggestions. I'm glad you got a new computer, and you will be used to it in no time. Just remember, it's pretty hard to break, so just try things if you don't know how to work it and you will probably figure it out on your own.
Hugs and kisses.

Tia said...

1) Yes, cats are coming to NZ. (that is a WHOLE different story in and of itself!)
2) I'm glad you're starting to feel better, poor thing!
3) You must have been talking to my husband - about the exercise part. That's exactly what he told me today. I know, I know, I know................ I should. I love the underwear thought. But then I definitely should exercise! =)

Sissy B. said...

I was going to comment on the last post but it struck so many chords that I ended up being at a loss for words. Being a military wife and moving every 3-4 years..I understand what you are talking about....the goodbyes (even to your mailbox !!) get overwhelming. Deciding what goes, what can' need to walk away. Make plans this weekend to do something totally not related to the need some fresh air so that heaviness in your chest will subside...I know...I have had that feeling many times. I will keep you in my prayers as this move approaches....we do have some awesome thunderstorms though don't we????

Tia said...

Thank you for that Sissy. I just went to Publix and had a tightness in my chest when I thought about the fact that I won't be shopping at that store anymore..... I think I'm going to miss Publix(!?!) for goodess sake!!? I do need some fresh air!

The prayers mean a lot.

Becky said...

You have a lot going on right now, so it's natural that posting seems like "one more task" to do rather than being something fun. I go through it as well, even when I'm not even that busy but just don't want to do ANYTHING.

Self-adhesive stamps rock:)

Jessica said...

For some reason all your blog posts for the last ten days just showed up for me this morning.

It was nice to catch up - though I recognize with deep seated uneasiness the groundless state of getting ready to relocate to the other side of the world. Cut yourself lots of slack, because in some ways losing all the ground you know could hit you like a loss.

But soon you'll say you're leaving... have arrived... head's spinning... received your things... welcomed Bruce 'home'... and then there will be new routines and friends both in NZ and the US, until finally you'll have reassuring familiarity again. And all in just a few months.

Though I would not want to do it again(!) there's a stark clarity I miss about that brief period of having nothing around me telling me where I fit. We are always groundless anyway, whether we are faced with it or not.

Much metta. May you be well, happy and peaceful. May you live in safety. May you live with ease.

Stephen Newton said...

Yes. boxes everywhere, pieces of our lives scattered and marked with magic marker: Kitchen, bedroom, bath....and on it goes. Friday the movers will be here and life as I know it will be changed. I will miss Publix too, the guy that fixes my car, the gorgeous Florida skies, the beaches, the Gulf, the light....

Angel will leave before me and then I will be alone. I plan to take some time and travel to see my write, to walk on moutain paths, and most of all to be alone.

Pearl said...

Nice to balance the really-don't-wants with the blessings.

Janet said...

Like your gratitude list; I love storms, too!

Hi, Michele sent me :-)

bruce said...

I have to stop reading now, your posts and the comments that follow are getting to me and I'm at work, can't have a teary-eyed, sniffling art director walking about now can we. Babe, you amaze me.