Thursday, August 24, 2006

Being Amused was Within Me All Along!

Remember the other day I said I could use to be amused? Well, anyway, I did say that. So, the following day I read something totally wonderful and brilliant on one of my favorite blogs. Yes, I will share it with you - in a little bit. (Geeeez, can you hold on?.......) So, anyway, after reading that wonderful and brilliant thing, I've had a far better attitude and I've actually had a great, no - amused, day today. This wonderful and brilliant thing that I read was a simple and concise affirmation stating;

"Let myself be amused and realize I am in a state of choice."

It can be found on Pearl's blog, here. She was doing her 3rd quarter report on her New year's Resolutions list. (Well, you already know that if you followed my link - Duh, Tia...) OK, so there are two things that strike me as amazing and revolutionary about that right away. First - she has a list of resolutions. Not one. Not two. There's nine items on this list! And she had actually made progress on most of them. Second - she checks up on her resolutions! How cool is that?! I think personally I've always confused New Year's resolutions and April Fool's Day... Well, anyhow. The statement. "Let myself be amused and realize I am in a state of choice." Powerful stuff. It's up on my bathroom mirror. Thank you Pearl.

(and I hope you don't mind me stealing it?)

- your amused Tia


kenju said...

Pearl is wise! We are always in a state of choice.

I love the cartoon, Tia. Michele sent me tonight.

Karen said...

Wow, that's impressive that someone actually follows up on her resolutions. Amazing.

I'm not as organized as that. But Michele sent me here and I followed through on that!

bobealia said...

You mean, going to a movie just didn't cut it? I didn't know you wanted us to be philosophical about the whole thing. (By the way I'm joking just in case you can't tell by the tone of my writing.) In that case,
“Amusement to an observing mind is study.” -Benjamin Disraeli
So, I think you'd better go study Tia. Like at the movie theatre.
Hearts and Smiles.

Pearl said...

Mind? No, I'm delighted. Glad you found it useful

Sissy B. said...

"A state of choice"...that is something I can pass on to my students when they start complaining :)....that is a very inspirational quote for all of us...wise words..I am impressed about the resolution on the other hand, I never make any..I hate setting myself up to to visit Pearl! As soon as I quit messing around with my new camera I am going to start a Mandala project :)

hanulf said...

Yes, I particularly liked that line as well... And I found you through Pearl'l blog! Thanks for great comment and encouragement on my site as well!