Monday, June 12, 2006

Gloriously Dismal Day

YYYYEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! It is raining here my friends!!!!!! I think that after endless days (months? years?) of tourist-brochure-cheesy Florida weather my appreciation for weather conditions has become slightly skewed. Having been a fall-baby, I've always been fond of the slightly gloomy days. Now they downright cheer me up! It just goes to show that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. (I'm still trying to prove that theory to be correct about dark chocolate and red wine however...I'll keep you posted.......) This weather makes me daydream about New Zealand... Which reminds me, I found a wonderful blog by D&J about relocating there from the US... See islandinthepacific among my links. Funny how just stumbling upon their beautiful blog makes me feel closer to getting there already. It's almost as if at this point I need proof that one can actually make this move happen! I know most of you are familiar with our toil and turmoil with this process through Bruce's blog or continually having the priviledge of hearing it in person - we love you for still being our friends anyway! - so I'll spare you from hearing it "in stereo" - but seriously, can we get there already?!?!?!?

...But back to the beauty and serenity of this rain!... The transformation in the intensity of colors in our gardens is awesome - and I am afraid my amateur photos don't do it justice, sorry. If I am really attentive though, I think I can hear the bamboo and fern shamelessly slurping! Later on this morning I plan to run some errands on foot (yes - more paper work for NZ immigration - and it is all delicious!). I am hopeful the rain will have the same effect on me as it does on our garden. Well, perhaps minus the slurping sounds...

This kind of a day begs for either reading a book, hiking in the woods or being creative. Since I've recently finished a book and we are sorely lacking in the hikeable woods department, after I run my errands I may get my touch drawing materials out.... I'll share details and results of that later.... Thank you for all of you who've already made the point to visit my blog and to leave comments! I am so excited about this new adventure!

Haera ra,


bruce said...

Simply beautiful!!!

Stephen Newton said...

What a bright, articulate post. Welcome aboard! Looking forward to the next one!

keda said...

glorious. i love the pictures. the glistening of the raindrops and the vivid colours were lovely.

i know what you mean too, living here all summer in the hot humidity, cool rainy days can be very refreshing.

anothe lovely post sweetie. keep it up! though i get the feeling you definately will*

bobealia said...

I don't think Bruce ever said that you were an artist. I guess he kind of didn't reveal much. Actually, my husband is really freaked out about these things, and doesn't want his life on the internet which is part of the reason I went "anonymous" so to speak. I try to keep info about him to a minimum.
Anywhoo, I'm so glad you are here! It's been raining a lot over here, so I'm always happy for a little sunshine. The humidity - not so much.
Re NZ, I do know the feeling. The waiting game is SOOOO hard. I feel for you.

Jessica said...

added a link to your blog from mine. thanks for the kind words! glad you entered the blog world.

bobealia said...

I just added you to my links too, so now you HAVE to stick around. How's that for pressure?
I wonder what your dream means... I remember my mom once saying (and she did Dream therapy) that dreams like that are usually representing something else. Like, my needle dream, although at first reflection, kind of does reflect how I feel about my dad, might actually be about how I am starting to forgive him. Your cancer dream might be about three obstabcles or three things you have to "let go" of before you can move on (to NZ). Let the Cancer out!
I really don't know. I'm just talkin'.

Sissy B. said...

So how is Tuesday looking? the tides haven't come in yet so we are still looking at some serious flooding around these parts. I enjoyed your photos. I will be back! Here via Michele.