Friday, March 13, 2009

Sharing the Wealth (and Health)

I just realized today that eight people have signed on to drink the green smoothies since I started - that's pretty exciting. And more people are getting curious. I truly try not to be annoying and talk about them all the time but people do end up asking me questions and I am happy to tell them (and even let you have a taste since I bring at least 32 oz. to work with me each day). It's awesome to hear other people talk about the health benefits they are feeling since having started on the green smoothies.

I am noticing more changes too. I become full way faster now. I haven't necessarily paid attention to that right away and have ended up over eating on a few occasions but my awareness around that is shifting, and that is good. Also, when I think about what makes me feel as if I over ate now as opposed to a few months ago, there is a huge difference. I simply don't need as much food. I do still enjoy the occasional sweets but I don't seem to rummage through the house in a desperate attempt to find chocolate anymore.

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