Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quiet but not Still

One of these days I promise to emerge from my silence...

Life has been full and wonderful. Most of our updates are happening on the Newlynomads site these days. My hope for this blog is that it will (soon) once again become the vehicle through which I share my own personal process, whether through art or writing... It seems everything in my life has been very outward focused, and the time feels right for a more inward journey again. Simply dedicating time to honoring that tends to be a challenge these days. Perhaps that is how the coming of fall, and soon thereafter winter, will help me refocus.

I look forward to that.


Vickiev said...

Me too!!!

Carlos PĂ©rez said...

Don´t worry Tia, we all have bad times many times. You will have better days.
I very big hug from Madrid
El Despertador-poeta vagabundo

Stan Makowski said...

There's always Facebook!You should join. Lots of folks are on there.