Saturday, December 01, 2007

Local Art

A Cattle Marker Painting by Kelly Apgar

We went to the monthly Art Walk, or "Holiday Extravaganza" in Kalispell last night. Lots of people, lots of food and drinks, and great art studios and little boutiques that were open later than normal. It was a wonderful time!

Above is a piece by a local artist, Kelly Apgar , who incidentally lives in Somers also. (There's 550 people here, so we've got to be practically neighbors.) Her great-great-grandfather was Milo Apgar, who had his original homestead on Lake McDonald in what is now the Glacier National Park.

Anyway, her show "1 artist, 100 horses" was fabulous. We didn't buy one that was a part of that particular show (only due to $), but the piece above was at another gallery for a fraction of the cost so we snagged it up! Apparently it's one that got away from the herd.

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Kelly said...

What a pleasant surprise!
In order to track my press releases I have an automatic google alert set for "Kelly Apgar" ... what a thrill when your blog page came up this afternoon and with one of my (now yours) paintings attached . . . so glad you enjoyed art walk last night and got a chance to see my current exhibit! Thank you for your purchase - wishing you the happiest of holidays! kelly