Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Journey Begins

In case you are wondering why I haven't been around lately, you will find the answer on Newly Nomads. I do intend to post some personal blogs along the way (like when I finally get my art supplies out), but for now we seem to be more focused on giving an update on where we are on the road. Please say a little blessing for our kitties we left behind today in Wisconsin while we take on the open road. I miss them, and I hope that being left behind isn't too dramatic of an experience for them.... I wish they could be with us for the duration but I don't think they'd enjoy it much. Thanks for checking in.


kenju said...

Are you riding bikes?????

bruce said...

The whole trip? Goodness NO. But they did come along in the back of the truck.

SzélsőFa said...

have a safe trip!
I'm sure the cats would not enjoy it. Those I met are lazy creatures.

kunzang said...

It's like surround-sound with the blogs - so many different views of the journey. Just read about the prayer flags 'saving' the bike,and here they are in full colour!! What a lovely idea for the blessings to pervade the country.
I know how you feel about your feline babies - i left 2 in Australia when I moved here, being loved in what was my home by a friend; one is still alive (now 17 - 18), who I've had since she was 4 weeks old; after 6 years I still miss her, and feel sometimes sad I will probably not see her again.
Just read a heartwarming cat story on - her beloved boy (now looking like a weatherbeaten sailor) turned up at the door after 15 weeks awol. (the story is a couple of posts back - "look what dragged..").
Every cat lover who (and even seemingly hardened hearts!) will understand what this would be like.
I will keep your babies in my prayers, but I think your choice was wise - an adventure such as yours would soon wear thin on the feline measure of how life should be lived. Far better a home, good food, good love and the occasional postcard!!

Bobealia... said...

ARe you coming this way?