Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Good Cause For All Who Care About All Living Beings

If you have ever found yourself wanting to help someone in a really concrete way but wasn't sure who or how, let me give you an idea. Please visit Tara's Babies for a worthy cause. This is a fabulous project that grew out of rescuing abandoned and lost animals after hurricane Katrina, and there are some wonderful expansion plans on the way - but they need help. Cash, in-kind, whatever you wish to give. Make sure to watch the Slide Show. To read more about the project, visit Kunzang or Dara..


kunzang said...

Dear Tia
Thank you!!(resounding woof chorus to be imagined!)- you know, the thing I am learning every day, is that it truly is our intention and interconnectedness that can keep each and every one of us afloat and moving forward....
one of your babies seems to be doing a serious patrol of matters: hope all 3 are not too unsettled, cats can be so finicky. And as to that porch....enjoy!!

Dara said...

Wow, I need to make time to catch up with everyone's blogs, had no idea this all was happening! I moved in January while recuperating from a herniated disc into a house that did not have full use of running water until 2 weeks ago. So my commiseration and support to you as you unpack/settle/travel/wait for the next move. Thanks also for the plug about the dogs and Dakini Valley. It is truly beautiful to have so much support and encouragement.