Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fire Within

Two weeks ago I signed up for an Art and Healing class. It is the second in a series of several that could lead to a certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy. I love the class. It had given me a place to work on my internal process while being witnessed by a group of incredible, power-full women. And, it has gotten me back to my old stomping grounds at the Ringling School of Art and Design. (Who knew three months ago that I would be THERE again?!)

The point of Expressive Arts Therapy is NOT to create pretty pictures ready for show or selling. The work allows one to express and explore deep, and often unconscious, emotional processes. This is often done through a combination of visual expression, movement, sound, and writing. It's like journaling - but in three dimensions and outside of our head.

Last night's class had us working, after some standing meditation and movement, in larger format. I titled mine "Fire Within".

Here is what I wrote, stream of consciousness, about it afterward:

"Vibrant. Strong. Powerful. Explosion into vibration.
Upward, Reaching.
I am less scared of the furnace that is my power.
The fear transforms, is a catalyst for reaching outward.

That which I fear wants to find me outside of myself.
It wants me to free it - to show it the way.

Awesome in its energy.

There is more. The exploration unfolding, gaining intensity.
The fear I feel is so much less than the Source.

Is there a possibility I could extend forever?"


Stephen Newton said...

Wonderful art, great post. Wow.

Jessica said...

great, vivid image. Very striking. Glad you are diving in. :)


kenju said...

NO doubt about it, Tia~!

Pearl said...

Sounds like a useful outlet to get to inlets.

SzélsőFa said...

This therapy sounds great!