Monday, January 29, 2007

Why haven't I been back?........

......I think because most of the time recently I have felt like that second kiwi from the bottom...

Each time I have sat down to write, I've ended up staring at the screen. Nothing. I have simply been wordless... Or, when the words have come, they have been best left private. I apologize for my non-presence. It's been a necessary and needed time-out.

I'll be back sometime soon, I imagine. Stronger. Clearer.

Until then, be well my friends.


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Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for you ;).

Stephen Newton said...

God, I really miss you, Tia. Sending a cyber hug.

Bobealia... said...

Oh, thank goodness!
I am so excited to "hear" from you! Just to know you are there... on the other side of a computer somewhere. It's nice. To know.
I kind of wanted to make a pervie joke about you and Bruce, "reaquainting" and the position of the second Kiwi from the bottom, but... I won't.
I feel like the one on the top right, ok, but upside down... killing my neck. I'm afraid my husband might be feeling like the one on the bottom lately. Sometimes that makes me scared, sometimes that makes me sad, sometimes that makes me mad.
Oh, Tia, please stay around. Take all the private moments you need, but at least tell us about the mundane or something. I like it when you are around. What you saw on TV, how the cat farted, the tiles in the grocery store... anything!

Le Synge Bleu said...

i'm right there with you regarding the time off...i think i've been doing the same least avoiding writing the emotional posts i probably ought to be writing. thanks for outting it into words and letting me know i'm not the only one out there staring at teh screen.

SzélsőFa said...

Take your time and be well. Return when you feel like. Speak out - even if it's for yourself.

keda said...

ooh sweetie. yes. we all know how that can feel. i presently feel like the one on the bottom.

take all the time you need but know that we are here thinking of you and checking in.

love to you both.

and welcome home.

kenju said...

Hope you are doing better now, Tia.

Anonymous said...

Just as long as you're still the kiwi next to me m'dear!

kunzang said...

Hi Tia
I am sending you a video clip by the Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche that i was just sent; I know you have had at least one edition of Shambhala Sun in your house.
Please accept this as a gift, with the wish that Rinpoche's smile will help your own smile blossom fully again, swiftly.
love, Ani Kunzang