Saturday, September 02, 2006

It's All in the Name - Or Is It?

Tia, 3.5 yrs.

My husband says I still have the same smile. (I promise you I no longer have the same hairstyle.)

Tia is a nickname I had when I was younger. For some reason it was the obvious choice for me as a blogger identity when I started my blog. Since that time, it feels as though I have rekindled an old relationship from the past - and I am rather enjoying it. I had forgotten many things about her! Lately, I have been toying with the idea of using Tia as my name when I move to New Zealand. Not that I don't like my current name, because I really do. I always have. To me, it is unique and beautiful, and I have never run into another "me". However, the other fact is that it is also a bit complicated for most people. Some of my friends of ten years or more still don't know how to spell it correctly. Tia seems simple and clear and fun. No complications. What you see is what you get. Playful. Fresh.

It would not be the first time that I have changed my first name. When I lived in Sweden, I went by my middle name. It happens to be a more typical Swedish name, and therefore it was less complicated for everyone. And, fresh out of high school, I think I also wanted to reinvent myself. Am I looking to do that again? Perhaps. But maybe even more so than that, I feel like through this process I am changing. In significant ways. And maybe a new name (that is really an old name) would be a way to recognize and honor that. I don't know. I will continue to give it some more thought.

There is another interesting point about the name Tia that almost makes me feel like I am SUPPOSED to start using it in NZ. (OK, so you may think it's silly, but I thought it was kind of wild.) My job will be with the Lakes District Health Board in Rotorua, which is toward the central part of the North Island. This district also includes a city named Taupo, by Lake Taupo. That area's true full name is "Taupo nui a Tia", which translates to mean the "Great Cloak of Tia". Tia was the name of the great tohunga (meaning a priest and a "keeper of the secrets" - a healer) and a chief, who was the first person to explore the interior of the north Island. So, maybe it would be fitting that I adopt that name again. I know I could use a bit of "chief spirit" as I go forth in this adventure and my quest to be a healer! What do you think?


Theo said...

well, then Tia it must be.

Nice to meet you, today, Tia.

Michele sent me.

i'll need to read more here, for i am curious why you are headed to NZ. My wife and i considered retiring there, but for now it seems too remote. yet, if things continue here in the US as they are, it might not be a bad place to be, afterall.


margalit said...

I love the name Tia. I used to have a darling blond student named Tia and she was such a joy to have in my classroom. So I have great feelings about the name!

Here from Michele

kenju said...

Absolutely! That is a sign, Tia, and such synchronicities exist to teach us.

Vickie said...

I like the sound of your cloak. Very cool. It's clearly meant to be. I had a friend named Rima who hated her name (you know, "I reamed her..." and all those rude jokes just drove her mad). She decided to go by her middle name, Samara. Then Sam. Then Ara. It was very confusing for the rest of us. I still call her Rima. I can't help it! She's still the same person in my mind, regardless of her name. Anyway, for you, with the move to NZ, it makes more sense I think. Just don't have a major identity crisis and ask everyone to call you something else every day. It's great to be back hon.

Jessica said...

I love the name Tia. I've never met anyone with that name, and yet it's simple - short and sweet. It seems like if there's ever a time to change your name, it's during a big move. Otherwise, like Vickie said, everyone gets confused. Now's your chance to be called whatever you want. Perhaps the call of your given name will win out, but I do like Tia - and an exploring chief is a nice ally in a new land.

Sissy B. said...

Did you know that Jesus had over 100 names? Just a little Bible trivia for you ;)......listen to your heart Tia!! can always change it again :)

Jennie said...

(I think my last comment was eaten - trying again) I like that serendipity with Tia in NZ! I'd say go for it. Tia is a cute name. My only nicknames as a child were Ben, from my sister, and Butch from my uncle. Not quite as cute.

Pearl said...

Being a healer under any name sounds good.

DeborahDrake said...


I say it suits you very well.

Call me my friend.



David said...

by whatever name, God will always know you, and love you.
Thanks for your recent visit to Sugarloaf Mountain.
Blessings on your move!

Blond Girl said...

Here from Michele's.

A name for yourself is a powerful thing. When I was 18 I changed from my nickname to my full name and it was the right thing to do.

I would say Tia sounds like a great option. Try it on for a day or two and if it feels right, you're there.

By the way, cute picture! I can't call myself the nickname I was at that age; adults would snigger at me. It does make a great password, though!

C said...

Tia means "aunt" in Spanish. I think sometimes taking from the past in symbolic ways can help you grow in the future.

Stephen Newton said...

Tia, I swam in 65 degree water yesterday afternoon, built a fire afterwards and then prepared garlic pasta for loved ones. Still no decisions, only a blank mind. Perhaps when I have a broadband connection again, I'll also have clarity. But for now, there is only unfolding. Love.

bobealia said...

At first I was on the bench, and then I got to the final paragraph. You MUST use Tia, I think.
At once point if I had children, I was going to name the girl Altia. My husband no longer likes the name, but Tia is wonderful. Strong and endearing.
I've changed my names too...

Catherine said...

I had assumed that Tia was your real name. Finnish names can be difficult though, can't they? My mother's cousin married a Finnish woman, their two elder children have Finnish middle names. The daughter's is Tuulikki. Then the two younger boys were given Finnish first names. I always wonder if they were teased at school. I think it's easier for girls to have unusual names than boys, in New Zealand anyway.
Well, I can't give an opinion without knowing your other name, but Tia is a great name, if you want to go with that one.

SzélsőFa said...

It is your name, your choice. The coincidence might show that the decision is firm and justified.

keda said...

i think i cannot beoelive i've not been here for a week! i've been relying on blogrolling to tell me when people have new posts and its not doing its job!

oh well it is free.

i say YES! yes, it's beautiful. :)

M(urf)! said...

Hi, Tia. Have you seen the movie 'Whale Rider' yet?

Also, I hope your love of turtlenecks haven't diminished over the years. :-)

I refuse to say that I am here via Sage but you know. :-)