Thursday, September 28, 2006

Heard in the Office

Bronwyn: "OK, off to our social worker meeting we go. Have you got your pencil?"

Me: "Yup. All set."

Bronwyn: "How about a rubber?"

Me: ".....ehem.... no.......?" (Whichever kind she means, I do not have one...)

Bronwyn: "Well, we should have Val order you some, make sure to write that down."

Me: "......OK....."

I suppose those will come in handy when I use my topless pad. You see, we don't all have our own computers, and the one we do share was acting all dickey today.


Stephen Newton said...

Yes, I can imagine a rubber would be quite useful at some offices. : D Especially when the computer is acting all dickey... My favorite expression from Sherlock Holmes remains: "We knocked up Mrs. Hudson."

So is a rubber an eraser or a raincoat or what?

M(urf)! said...

Don't answer, Tia. I'm giggling like a 12 year old at a slumber party. Let me feel young for awhile longer. :-)

Catherine said...

Stephen, definitely an eraser in New Zealand. I think Tia has figured that out :)
The other kind is just called a "condom"

Tia said...

Yes, rubber turns out to be an eraser, so not the excitement there one might have expected... A topless pad is a note pad (thank goodness - for a moment I worried it was something I might have to wear to the meeting where I needed the rubber!), and well, the "dickey" part I am sure you can figure out! ;-)

Adrien said...

Acting all "dickey?" I love that!! I act all dickey all the time, ahaha!

butwearesmall said...

Oh my god. do you know that I still giggle every time one of my students asks for a rubber. I do! I can't help it. And they're 9. Damn those british words eh? And the kiwis love to use more english than the english i swear!!!

PS) you;re right. the sex was really good. damn. why does it have to be that way????

keda said...

what?? what? i dont get it!

(sure i do.. you know me ready for all weathers ;) )

i've just caught up.. beautiful. and i'm jealous mostly of the indian food. seriously. i miss that!

so lovely and apt that the post i come in on is this one. but i love hearing about all this newness.

you are wonderful babe.
and brucie will be there soon. aaaaand clench.

good job for the healthcare. you woosey blistery american :)

bobealia said...

I've never heard "topless pad" used before. That's quite specific isn't it?
Could be an apartment where tops are banned...

sage said...

Tia, I haven't been here in a few weeks and I have enjoyed reading and seeing your photos of NZ. Wow!

Stephen Newton said...

Thanks for listening and providing insights. I had another dream last night. I had to go to room 24 on the 8th floor. It was jammed full of furniture and so I went to the 11th floor instead. But I thought that it was numerologically significant that the room and floor numbers added up to 5.

Curiouser and curiouser as Alice said. Also the woman who "loved my hands: in my WWII dream reappeared in last night's dream.

Pearl said...

Mine's been more dickey than tickety boo too. Must be something going around. :)