Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Laundry on a Florida Line

This image is in honor of my blog friend Vickie - go check out Laundry on a London Line to see what it's all about...

You say you don't wash all your wool socks once a year?!

My aunt knitted all of them... We each have our favorite pairs but since there are so many we've also used them as our "guest socks" that we would offer to people when they come for a visit - but we had to stop when one of our calico cats decided she loved to a) suckle on them and b) drag them about the house as she suckled on them. The sock basket would have three socks in it by the morning. We'd find the other "victims" all over the house - soggy and mangled.

Haera ra,

P.S. If you get the distinct feeling I am avoiding blogging about my up-coming move, you are correct........ I'm still too freaked out. But in a good way - I think. While I mowed the lawn yesterday I realized that in five - five!!! - weeks this won't be my home any longer!!! I don't know how to even begin to feel about that?............


Vickie said...

hahahahaa i love it!!! i just got back to my friends place and foundthis email. it is way too late to be writing. im tired and i drank too much. but guess what!? your socks are on my blog baybee. i love them. will add more later when i get sober and have access to writing time.
so good!

keda said...

brilliant!! god i wish someone would knit me nice woolen socks. i have a nightmare finding them here and when i do they are sooo expensive. yay for your aunt!!!

Sissy B. said...

I always like to visit Vickie's blog...just for the hanging laundry photos :)....yours is great BTW. I know how you feel...I used to get real quiet before a move..and as I went about my daily routine my thoughts would run along the same line. You are trying to savor the life you have where you are but know that the best is yet to come when you move! You'll get a chance to wear those woolen socks more!

bobealia said...

I love the socks. Especially the black and white striped pairs.
Five weeks will fly by. Look how fast the summer went by. Ack!
Not to put on the pressure or anything.. I wouldn't worry about reading right now though. Concentrate more on things like socks, because you will need them in NZ when it's winter.
I know, I'm no help.
Good Luck!!!!